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Asif Fashion Industries Ltd. is a 100% Export Oriented Sweater Factory


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Message from Managing Director & CEO...

Asif Fashion Industries Ltd is engaged in manufacturing 100% international standard and export oriented Sweaters. The Factory believes in Customers satisfaction first. The company has been exporting its products to the countries of Asia, Europe, Canada and U.S.A. The production is being strictly followed by:

The Group has two Garments Industries enriched with necessary machines for smoothening as to make the Industries fully fledged. The products include Ladies, Men’s, Children’s, Cardigan, and Winter Headwear, winter Gloves, Shawls, scarves, ear muff etc. and are made and manufactured by using raw materials from local sources and overseas countries such as South East Asia and Europe.  The group has developed its products in perfect harmony with the necessities of the people. A promise to the people of bringing multi-dimensional in its product Portfolios is a valuable asset of the Group. It is our immense pleasure that the number of buyers are increasing as our products are undoubtedly quality products and International Standard. Professional management, sound financial polices and well established reputation in home and abroad enables the group to undertake new projects.

Established in 1997 Asif Group has been set up by a good number of highly experienced, well educated Bangladeshi promoters who have excellent track records in Industrial and trading business operations.

The objective of the company is not to make profit but also simultaneously contribute towards sustainable social, human and Environment development through various altruistic activities.